30 year Fixed  - Payment fixed for Life of Loan 360 payments

20 year Fixed  - Payment fixed for Life of Loan 240 payments

15 year Fixed  - Payment fixed for Life of Loan 180 payments

10 year Fixed  - Payment fixed for Life of Loan 120 payments

Speciality Purchase Loans 

90% No MI 

Loan amounts to $1,500,000  1st timers limit $1,000,000 

Assets Business Funds
Business Assets

100% for down payment/closing costs.
Cannot be used for reserves.
Business bank statements must not reflect any NSFs (non-sufficient funds) or overdrafts.
Borrower must be 100% owner of the business. (or if the combined ownership of the borrowers equals 100% owner in the case of married spouses or domestic partners)

ARMS - With intrest rates on the rise and the distance the 10Yr index (30yr MTG) is shortned the 2 yr index will get lower making ARMs attractive.

5/1 Arm - Payment fixed for 5 years then adjustment.

Personal Bank Statements 90% LTV - Employed W-2 income

12 or 24 months 

Personal Bank Statements 85% TV - Businees Owners 

 24 months 

Constructions to Permanent Financing

The borrower must hold title to the lot which may have been previously acquired or purchased as part of the transaction.
LTV/CLTV/HCLTV is determined based on the length of time the borrower has owned the lot. The time frame is defined as the date the lot was purchased to the Note date of the subject transaction.

7/1 Arm - Payment fixed for 7 years then adjustment.

10/1 Arm - Payment fixed for 10 years then adjustment.