Applicants need to be "First-Time Homebuyers," who are defined as not having owned (or been on title for) a principal residence anywhere in the last three years. However, exceptions are made for military veterans who are using their exemption for the first time or homebuyers who are purchasing in a Targeted Area (click here to learn more about Targeted Areas). In addition, homebuyers may not own any other real property at the time of settlement.

The home being purchased must be for the applicant(s) to live in – a Maryland Mortgage Program loan cannot be used to purchase an investment property or a house for someone else to live in.

The applicant(s) need to complete a Homebuyer Education course – in some cases, this needs to be done before a purchase contract is signed, though in most cases it must be completed prior to closing.

Potential borrowers with liquid assets equal to 20% or more of the sales price may not be eligible for the program.

The Maryland Mortgage Program works in conjuction with surrounding county Housing Programs.

The Maryland Mortgage Prog​ram is a home loan program that’s right for many Marylanders, is a safe and secure loan from Maryland’s Housing Finance Agency, and has several important features:



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